Powerdown have some of the most advanced testing facilities in Australia to accurately measure the dampening capabilities of a shock absorber with one of the largest dynameters in the country.

Our engineering department can build prototype shock absorbers in-house and develop unique dampening forces for specialist applications.
A data acquisition software program has been recently added to our testing facilities to help assess vehicle ride and suspension performance over any type of terrain by fitting sensors to a vehicle and recording the data. This information can then be replayed on our testing equipment exposing the product to some of the worst conditions it will ever face out in the field. This assists us further develop a product specifically for Australian road conditions.

Powerdown also design and develop its own range of polyurethane bushes in the form of engine mounts, cab mounts and suspension bushes.
Before putting our name to a suspension component, Powerdown takes many factors into consideration, such as vehicle application, suspension type, on & off highway use, whilst trying to achieve optimum comfort and control.
Other services that our engineering department can assist on are shock absorber recommendations for specialist applications for mining and industrial equipment, boom sprays, camper trailers & caravans.

Supershock on Dyno

Our engineers and R&D team at Powerdown test all shocks using our variable stroke dynometer. Data is fed through the computer to simulate corrugations and dipping dirt roads to work the shock absorber to it limitations. This data loop is then replayed multiple times to determine seal life and shock absorber fade at certain temperatures. The results of these dyno tests help our engineers develop better designed shocks for all conditions.