From Mild to Wild

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Whether you want a bit of extra lift for those trips on the beach, looking to travel down the Tanami Track or your 4WD is a pure bred work horse RAW 4×4 have got you covered.

At RAW 4×4 we realise that not everyone’s 4WDing needs are not exactly the same and have the ability to customise a suspension kit for your requirements. Getting the right shock absorbers and spring combination for your set up is extremely important to get the most comfortable ride and load carrying capabilities.

RAW 4×4 have designed and developed a range of shock absorbers & coils to meet your off road needs:


RAW 4×4 Nitro is a heavy duty gas shock absorber that will improve ride quality by reducing body roll and increasing vehicle stability. The design combines an expanded body for extra oil capacity and nitrogen gas for additional cooling purposes. RAW Nitro shock absorbers will outlast many of its well-known rivals at a competitive price.

Well suited to the recreational 4WDer who is looking to lift the vehicle and improve overall suspension performance.



RAW 4×4 Nitro Max is the heavy weight contender of our shock absorber range. Specifically designed for heavy coil sprung and torsion bar vehicles, Nitro Max uses a proven truck shock absorber design with highly tuned valving for 4 x 4 applications carrying heavy loads and travel demanding terrain.

Recommend for vehicles used in mining, long distant touring and heavy duty applications.



The RAW 4×4 Predator series has been specifically designed for the 4×4 owner who is looking for that sometimes elusive, the combination of comfort and control. The design of the Predator is one of the most efficient heat dissipating shock absorber designs due to the single wall construction resulting in consistent performance on & off road with sharper steering response, less body roll and improved traction.

If you use your 4WD for day to day running around and off road adventures on the weekend, the Predator is what you are looking for.