True 50mm lift kit to suit Volkswagen Amarok

Tuesday, 29 November 2022

In the spirit of true off-roading, the team at RAW 4×4 have developed a true 50mm lift kit for the Volkswagen Amarok.

LEFT: Vehicle fitted with standard height original equipment suspension. RIGHT: Vehicle fitted with a true 50mm lift kit by RAW 4×4.

ABOVE: Measuring eyebrow height is how we determine the ride height of a vehicle, it is taken from the centre of the wheel to the top centre point of the guard. The image above left shows the vehicle fitted with Original Equipment suspension has an eyebrow height of 512mm. The image above right shows the vehicle fitted with a RAW 4×4 suspension lift kit has an eyebrow height of 565mm. The difference between these 2 measurements gives a total lift of 53mm.

All components in the RAW 4×4 lift kit have been specifically designed for optimum performance on and off road. Special attention was given to the design of the front struts, as a heavy duty upgrade to the original equipment design, the RAW Nitro struts have reinforced gussets welded to strengthen the mounting clevis. This design feature improves the struts structural rigidity which allows for increased spring and strut damping rates. This results in improved ride and handling, as well as unmatched durability for Australia’s demanding roads and conditions.

ABOVE: Left – OE strut mounting clevis. Right – RAW Nitro strut design with reinforced mounting clevis.

ABOVE: Catastrophic failure of strut with collapsed mounting clevis.

ABOVE: RAW Nitro strut with reinforced gusset installed to vehicle.

When designing the suspension package a front differential lowering kit was included to correct CV joint operating angles for a 50mm lift. To install the extended front struts replacement single use CV bolts are also included to provide a full inclusive suspension solution.

Our team knows that every 4WDriver uses their vehicle in different ways, so we have developed a full range of coil and leaf springs designed to cater for various levels of accessories. Our rear leaf springs can cater for many applications from light loads driving mostly on-road, to medium loads with occasional off-road driving, all the way up to constant loads and towing. Our lift kit also offers the flexibility to upgrade the rear shocks to RAW Nitro Max for the more heavy-duty off road, load carrying and towing needs.

No matter how you drive your Amarok, RAW 4×4 have you covered with a true 50mm lift kit.

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